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vom Osterberger-Land

11 x V1 , 2x top 12 males in a Sieger Show

        Promo is a powerhouse of a male - sturdy and masculine without a question, this guy drops jaws as he moves and has a personality to love as well! This male has produced amazing puppies over the years, and skirted just around the title of VA in multiple Sieger Shows. In my search for an amazing male to breed Tesla to for her 2024 litter, no matter who I looked at my eyes kept going back to Promo. His presence is truly inspiring, and when I was sent candid videos of him at the BSZS in 2023 I fell more in love. Watching him in the final ring of the livestream was amazing, and I could always point him out. It was amazing to see him receive the award of 10th best German Shepherd Male in the world Sieger Show of 2023 out of almost 200 males.

       There is a collection of videos and photos of him uploaded onto the Flickr album of him that we made here!

Show Critique of BSZS 2023 in German:

       Groß, kraft- und gehaltvoll, gute Gebäudeverhältnisse, sehr gut pigmentiert, ausdrucksvoll. Kräftiger Kopf mit dunklen Augen und festen Ohren, hoher Widerrist, gerader, fester Rücken, die leicht abfallende Kruppe hat gute Länge. Korrekte Winkelungen in der Vor- und Hinterhand, ausgewogene Brustverhältnisse, gerade Front, der Vordermittelfuß ist nachgebend. Vorn gerade, aus stabiler Hinterhand engtretend zeigt er kraftvolle Gänge mit gutem Raumgewinn. In der Freifolge sollte er sich noch besser zeigen. Promo stellt eine Nachkommengruppe, die einen guten Eindruck hinterließ. Die Röntgenquote beträgt 32 Prozent. TSB: ausgeprägt, lässt ab.

Show Critique of BSZS 2023 in English:

       Large, powerful and full-bodied, good conformation, very well pigmented, expressive. Strong head with dark eyes and firm ears, high withers, straight, firm back, slightly sloping croup of good length. Correct angulations in the fore and hindquarters, balanced chest proportions, straight front, the pastern is flexible. Straight in front, with a stable hindquarters, he shows powerful gaits with good space gain. He should perform even better in the free sequence. Promo presents a group of offspring that left a good impression. The X-ray rate is 32 percent. TSB: pronounced,

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