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Past Males

This page is dedicated to the males that we have used in our breeding program. Some are outside males that we used to improve our bloodlines, and some are retired stud dogs who lived with us in our home.

All are wonderful males who we hand-picked because of their amazing qualities and solid health clearances.


Zavist Bogov Yakhont

               Marlo turns heads wherever he goes.  He is an import from Russia with correct size, strong bone structure, and exceptional pigment. He has a sweet, loving disposition, and yet still possesses a protective instinct. We lovingly nicknamed him our "starfish man", as he likes to approach us in such a goofy way with his front legs flying out playfully. That exaggerated movement that he expressed in the show ring is only natural to him, and he loves to show it!

 Marlo is the sire to two litters - with Grexa and Anacapri, and is retired in our home with us.


vom Seelenvoll

      Gino is a stunning male with deep reds and dark blacks. He has a signature deep black mask with dark, expressive eyes. Gino has a big, impressive head, thick bone structure and a very balanced body. He is a calm, steady boy who loves a good adventure by our side, or an evening cuddle by the fireplace.

      He is retired to an amazing home, and two of his daughters, Vienna and Maria, are a part of our future breeding program.

VA Fight

vom Holtkamper Hof

      We are thrilled to have the opportunity to breed to this amazing World Champion male. We first fell in love with him while in Germany at the 2016 Sieger Show in Nurnburg, and were so happy to see him dominate the show ring after coming to the USA. This incredible male was ranked VA2 at the USA Sieger 2017, V13 at the German Sieger show in 2015 & 2016 with countless V1 victories. Fight also holds working titles in IPO3 and Breed Survey KKL. It is rare to find a male of his character, strength, and overall balance in the show ring today. 
Fight was bred with our girl Anacapri for her early 2019 litter.

See his page HERE.

de Tierras Charras


      Confident and courageous, Lyon is the son of World Champion Sieger (2013) Paer vom Hasenborn, and out of an impressive daughter of the remarkable VA1 Zamp vom Thermodos, World Champion Sire (2006). Lyon is an import from Spain, arriving here in the Spring of 2014. Lyon has been cleared for over 140 different genetic diseases

See his page HERE.

V Oudeis

Degli Achei

        Oudeis is a large, medium-bodied male. His head is strong and expressive, well defined with a dark mask. Angulation through his front and rear are very correct. His topline through movement is a joy to watch with his great reach and powerful, smooth motion. The advantages of his bloodline lie in it's very noble overall appearance combined with a balanced build and excellent pigment.​ While he is always looking to please and is ready to go, he has a very sweet, down to earth personality to match his royal appearance. We love this guy! He sired two litters for us by Ena and Navarra, and is the father to our breeding females Klio and Pheonix.

See his page HERE.


vom Seelenvoll

        Kenai vom Seelenvoll -  An impressive son by our SG1 Lyon de Tierras Charras and our girl Tizi Di Casa Palomba. Kenai is the grandson of many World Champions such as VA Paer v. Hasenborn, VA Enosch v. Amasis, VA Ober Bad-Boll, VA Quenn vom Löher Weg, and VA Zamp v. Thermados. Kenai is an exeptional young male with a big presence and an unquestionably masculine type. He has amazing thick bone structure with a large, dark head and deep pigmentation. He lives with a family, and is the side-kick and protector of their child.

See his page HERE.

V Mito

Di Casa Maiorano

        Mito is an exciting male and top producer in Italy. He is a top show quality dog, having received over 8 SG (Sehr/Very Good) titles in 3 different countries, and over 8 V ratings of Excellence from 4 different countries. Many of Mito's progeny have gone on to do well overseas. We are proud to be the first breeder to offer Mito puppies in the USA. He sired an import litter with Nika Degli Achei for us. 


Del Colle Verde

        Our sweetheart from Italy, and son of V Jerry del Colle Verde and the beautiful V Maria Degli Achei. Varenne is a stunning young male with a big presence and an unquestionably masculine type. He has dense bone structure and deep pigmentation that grabs attention, and a sweet, loving personality that makes everyone fall in love with him. He sired a litter with Nellie for us in 2017. He is retired down the road from us with a family and is the official guardian of their baby!


        Aleutian is a son of our Falcon and our Hanna, and he is what you think of when you think "german shepherd". He has thick bone structure and a family-friendly personality. He lives with a good friend of ours and still comes with us when we mountain bike through the forest. Aleutian is a sire to one of our litters with Nellie.


        Aramis is a son of our Falcon from Hanna. He is a large male with a striking markings and deep pigment. He has beautiful movement, and a wonderful go-getter personality. Aramis lives with a lovely writer in Georgia for his retirement home. Aramis is a sire to one of our litters with Josie.


        Falcon was our very first stud male. He had such a wonderful soul, as did all of his offspring. This led to us naming our kennel "soulful" - Seelenvoll. He loved to join us on slow strolls through the forest, and was our shadow until his very last day. Falcon was friends with all who visited- people and dog alike, and was incredibly patient with puppies.

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