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        Vienna is a second generation of our breeding program from Gino and Kharma. From a very young age we knew that she was special and we had to keep her around! She was very attentive and learned basic obedience tricks by watching the older dogs. After noticing her brilliant mind, we started working with her, and at 11 weeks old she completed her AKC Trick Dog Novice Title, completing 10 different tricks in a video judged by a certified trainer.

       This girl is one of the most pigmented shepherd puppies we have seen, and her luxurious coat is beautiful and full. She is built a lot like her mother - low to the ground and thicker in bone, but still free with her movement.

Genetic Clearances

PennHip                                                      RDI: 0.42 / LDI: 0.39 - Better than the average for the breed!

Elbows                                                        Normal, negative for Elbow Dysplasia

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)                N/A : Carrier, this dog will only be bred with a CLEAR partner. 

OFA Eye (CAER)                                       Normal. Free of inherited eye disease

OFA Cardiac (Heart)                                  Normal, no evidence of congenital cardiac disease

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