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vom Seelenvoll


        Vermeer was an amazing male from the very beginning. He loves to be a part of the crowd without fear, and soaks up attention at public events. This guy has always been easy going, and is on his way to earning his Canine Good Citizenship Award! He is the kind of dog who acts as if he has always known all of the new obedience commands. Vermeer is a very attentive male and is very willing to please. Vermeer is balanced in his drive - he could play and work all day, but has the perfect off-switch when in the home. He's the goofy type that will jump on the kids bed and knock them over with joy! While he is a big, clumsy boy around his people, he is a joy to watch trotting around with his harmonious movement. He can never get enough loving.We feel that he is a great ambassador for the breed in not only temperament, but looks as well.

        Large, with thick bone structure that does not impede on his exceptional movement, Vermeer's presence fills the room. He is a long-bodied dog with dark blacks and deep reds. His beautiful show coat and body type is a lot like his World Champion father, but with the larger, more masculine head and thicker bone structure from our Anacapri's side.


        Vermeer has a spectacular pedigree. He is the son of VA Fight vom Holtkämper Hof, grandson of VA1 Omen v. Radhaus, VA1 Yoker v. Leithawald, 2x VA1 Remo v. Fichtenschlag2x VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard3x VA Peik vom Holtkämper Hof, 2x VA Arex v. d. Wilhelmswarte.


Genetic Clearances


OFA Elbow



OFA CAER (Heart)

Multi-Drug Resistance

Canine Scott Syndrome

Ocular Disorders

Blood Disorders




  Left DI: .29 Right DI: .30

Hips are tighter than over 90% of the animals in this breed.

N/N Clear by Parentage

Normal, no evidence of congenital cardiac disease

Normal, Free of observable inherited eye disease

Clear N/N

Clear N/N

Clear N/N

Clear N/N

Clear N/N

Clear N/N

Clear N/N

Normal, no evidence of elbow dysplasia.

Pictures below of when Vermeer met his father VA Fight vom Holtkämper Hof

at the USCA Sieger Show in October of 2019!

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