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Feeding your Puppy

We are proud to say we feed INUKSHUK PRO DOGFOOD!  


Pound per pound you can’t beat the quality you’re getting for the price. Knowing what goes into Inukshuk (i.e. protein count, omegas, glucosamine, fish, chicken) is important and with this food you don’t have to supplement.


We also love the different formulas available so you can fit the dogs’ needs nutritionally depending on their activity levels.


Inukshuk is formulated specifically for dogs that train, hunt and run like athletes. Just like humans, your dog’s activity level determines the proper balance of protein, good fat sources and carbohydrates they require in their food. For example, higher levels of simple carbs are just as important as protein and fat levels for optimal performance during high-energy activities.


Top three energy sources you’ll find in Inukshuk:

Protein (1st Ingredient) – Active dogs need protein to repair and rebuild muscle that is broken down during exercise.


Fat (2nd Ingredient) – Canine athletes use fat for energy more quickly than an average family pet. Fat contributes up to 75 percent of the energy demand during prolonged aerobic work in during endurance training.


Carbohydrates (3rd Ingredient) – In the early stages of moderate exercise, carbohydrates provide 40 to 50 percent of the energy requirement

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Feeding Your Puppies

We recommend feeding Inukshuk Pro Dogfood for the life of your Seelenvoll German Shepherd Puppy.


Once your puppy arrives home with you, continue to feed your Seelenvoll Puppy with Inukshuk for the first 4 days, and then you can slowly introduce a new high-quality food of your choice.


We recommend maintiaining your dog on Inukshuk for the life of your dog.

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