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German Shepherd Pack Walk

Join us on a true

Enjoy the true outdoors with an easy 1.5 mile private nature hike hosted by a pack of loose, well trained German Shepherd Dogs. The hike starts at our farm in coastal Maine and wanders through a network of trails winding through a natural wild Maine forest along streams and through meadows.


You will be hiking with a large pack of (5 to 12) loose german shepherd dogs of various ages and they will be wanting to engage you to play and have you pet them. Along the walk, there will be wooden bridges over streams, soft forest trails, sometimes mud puddles and slippery footing. You will also learn about different native plants and wild birds.


At the halfway point there will be beverages and a chance to sit down on logs or boulders to rest. Snacks and bottled beverage options are provided throughout the hike. Throughout our adventure you will learn tips on hiking with a pack and the way they communicate and what their body language means. We will also talk about how we raise and imprint our young shepherds and prepare them as family companions or for Show.


Your hosts for the nature walk will be either Jennifer, Tony, Katie or all. We began offering pack walks at our open house for our German Shepherd Breeding program, and because of the enthusiasm and popularity, we decided to host this event through Airbnb.


*PRIVATE TOURS CAN BE SCHEDULED* Please inquire through AurB&B.

To learn more and see our reviews, please see us on AirBnb!
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As of July of 2021, all hikes (public and private)
are scheduled through the AirB&B link. Please message us about hike inquiries through there. :)

From October - May we host hikes only on the weekends, and weather permitting.


I can’t find your address on your website. Where are you located?

       We are located in Penobscot, ME - about 45 minutes outside of Bar Harbor. Once you register for an event, our address and all other needed information will be emailed to you. We don’t put our address on our site for the protection of us and our pack. 

What should I wear?

       At all times of the year you should wear: pants to protect your legs from twigs & shrubs, hiking boots or sturdy shoes for hiking, a light shirt along with some extra layers in case it gets cold. Please be aware that we are near the water and streams, so it can be buggy. We will have some bug spray on hand, but we suggest having a hat that can be sprayed to help protect you from those buzzing flies.
       The right shoes are important! Please know that it is common to be walking through some soft ground if it has recently rained, so be prepared to get a little dirty. We recommend having an extra change of clothes just in case.

What should I bring?

       Please bring sunscreen, a refillable water bottle and your camera to capture all the memorable moments! This is a 1.5 mile hike, so please bring anything that you would need to be comfortable in that time. Bug Spray is recommended between the months of May and September.

Where can I find a list of your upcoming events?

       You can find a list calendar at the bottom of this page. Please contact us to book a hike.

What if it is raining? Is the hike still on?

       Yes! Unless you receive an email from us indicating otherwise, please assume the hike is still on. If there is a chance of rain, please dress accordingly. 

Are kids allowed?

       Yes, but due to the nature of the public hike and for the safety of our animals and guests, children must be 4 years or older to join us on our hike. If you have younger children and would like to join us on a hike, please contact us about a private visit.

Can I bring my dog?

       No! You will be hiking with a pack and we do not want to cause confusion in the pack with a new canine present or put your dog in a potentially dangerous situation.

How long and strenuous is the hike?

       The hike is just under 1.5 miles and is beginning/intermediate level at a slower pace. Depending on the size and pace of the group, it can take 50-75 minutes. We will be hiking through our trails in the forest, which will occasionally have uneven ground and require you to go up/down small inclines. There are breaks along the hike for rest, refreshments, pictures and bonding with our dogs.

I want to go on a hike but can’t come to any of the scheduled community or semi-private hikes. Are there other opportunities to visit?

       Yes! Please Contact Us so that we can work together to find a time that works for everyone.

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