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Our Team

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Daily Life

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Our Farm

       Nestled on 25 acres of Maine woods, Seelenvoll Shepherds is a hidden gem tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life. While we enjoy the freedom of thousands of acres of trails, we are only 45 minutes outside of Acadia National Park. On our property we also run a dog boarding and daycare facility, so it truly is a Mecca for dogs and their friends. We are also in the "backyard" of Horsepower Farm, an organic produce farm that is run entirely off of horse-drawn machinery.
       On our farm you can find us working on some new project, be it a shed or our many gardens. Past the house you will find the barn, which houses our 6 horses, sheep, and layer chicken-hens.

Our Doggy Home

       At any given time you can find a shepherd or 5 lounging around in our home. The woodstove is always a hit during a snowy storm in the winter, and our couch is constantly occupied.

The Den Room

        Otherwise known as the "Whelping Room", this is where our puppies are born and stay for the first few weeks of their life. It is a cozy room where Mom can rest away from the activities of the Living Room next door. We can peek in on her and her pups through the viewing window at the front of the room.

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