Updated on April 12th, 2022 at 12:12 PM EST.



Neutered 6 year old Import Male offered to a companion home for $3000.

         Marlo is an import male from the great VA Marlo Baccara. He was shown here in the USA, receiving 1st place against amazing dogs, and capturing our eyes as a young dog. When he came of age to continue his show career, he didn't have quite enough drive to excel in the bitework needed to move forward. So, he came to live with us at 2 years of age. Now that he is retired, we feel that it is time for him to move onto his own home.

         As his photos show, he is one of the most stunning German Shepherds we've ever had the opportunity to own, and he knows it! He is playful, and isn't afraid to express his glee when out on a hike. He is great when meeting others, and was a great "head honcho" for many of our public pack hikes in the past. He even completed the 100-mile wilderness in 2021 as a loyal companion.

         He is crate trained and house trained, though has been known to be mischievous when it comes to remote controls! He is a great dog to take in the car, being content to hang out there all day if on a road trip. He was a stud male, so will not go to a home with other males. He is great in a group of females, or as a solo dog - he could go to either situation, though he is very social.

         His health certifications include: PennHip, OFA Elbows, Degenerative Myelopathy, Multi-Drug Resistance, Hemophilia, Von Willebrand's Disease, OFA Cardiac & OFA Eyes (CAER). He had a DNA panel done to clear him of over 140 different genetic issues. All are passing, with no major health concerns.