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Team Di Casa Ortiz

        Yukon is a medium-sized male with a presence that commands double-takes wherever we go. He carries himself proudly and confidently with a powerfully effortless stride. He has an outgoing personality without being overbearing - happy to be a part of whatever we are doing. From the first day that he arrived on our farm, he was trustworthy off-leash and with us around our barn animals. We are so excited to include him in our breeding program and to share more of his adventures with us now that he has joined the Seelenvoll Family.

       *After being a part of our family for over a year now, I can honestly say that this guy is a dream dog. He has an exuberance for life that we love to see, and his brain has really developed into a trustworthy male. When we are comfortable around someone, he accepts them as another of his many best friends. On the other hand, he has a very impressive bark that you don't want to mess with when encountering something, or someone, where they aren't supposed to be. In the house he is a chill guy who wants to be your shadow. He is wonderful around our cats and smaller dogs, just as he is with our farm animals. He has matured into a TANK of a dog - a great medium size with a wide body and larger than life presence.

        This stunning male's pedigree includes some amazing dogs that we are honored to have in our breeding program, including V Digger von Edelweiss, who is known for producing dogs even better than himself. Digger is an amazing male that we have followed for years, and loved him even more in person! Other influential dogs in his pedigree include VA10 & V4(BSZS) Goran vom Bierstadter HofVA10 BSZS 2015 & VA3 Austria 2015 Memphis vom SolebrunnenVA BSZS Etoo aus WattenscheidVA BSZS Paer vom Hasenborn, and many others.

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