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vom Seelenvoll

      Havana is a medium-sized female who loves her people with her whole heart but is not afraid to voice her opinion if someone is unwelcome on the property. She has a wonderful ear for listening to commands and her surroundings and makes both an amazing watch dog and a wonderful dog to have with us on public hikes with strangers. She is a true shepherd through and through! She is built with thick bone structure, a true stock coat, and traditional coloring. We look forward to her puppies, as she has some of the most amazing hip scores we have ever seen!

Genetic Clearances

PennHip                                                      RDI: 0.34/ LDI: 0.11 - Excellent!

Elbows                                                        Normal, negative for Elbow Dysplasia

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)                N/N : CLEAR, This dog cannot produce a dog with DM

OFA Eye (CAER)                                       Normal. Free of inherited eye disease

OFA Cardiac (Heart)                                  Normal, no evidence of congenital cardiac disease

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