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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the starting price for one of your puppies?


All of our puppies begin at  $4500  based on age and training. You can see our base prices on our  Puppies  page and on our  Trained Puppies  page.

When can we visit the puppies and see your facility?


We are happy to set up visitation times when the pups are around  

7 weeks or older. We are always happy to show people our dogs, as they are a part of our daily life. When you visit our facility, you are able to see relatives of your future puppy.  But seeing them and observing their temperament for yourself is worth the trip.

How soon can we pick out a puppy?


We start letting people see and pick out their puppy when they are around 6 weeks of age or after their first vet visit. During  COVID times, we pick only through video.

What is the deposit amount and how do I send it?


A deposit is $500. Deposits guarantee you a puppy from either the current litter or any future Seelenvoll Puppy Litters. Choice of a pup is based on the order in which the deposits were received. Please contact us if you are interested in putting down a deposit. Occassionally we will accept deposits on future litters, unless our deposit list is full. We only accept a certain amount of deposits until the puppies are born and we know what we have!

What is the process of purchasing a puppy?


First visit our website to see what pups are available. If you see a particular puppy that you like, contact us by calling 207-326--4010 or emailing us at . Then go to our "Puppy Waiting List" page and fill out the form. Once you have submitted this, we will contact you by email and also add your name to the next expected litter. 

Do you offer tours of your facility?
 We do invite people to visit our facility and see all of our dogs. Because this is our home, we do this through our pack hikes. You can read more about them on our AirB&B Experience page here!

How soon after we make the final payment do we get our dog?


 When your puppy turns 8 weeks old and the purchase price as well as any other associated fees have cleared our bank account, the puppy is ready to go to its new family. You may drive to our home and pick up your pup or arrange for shipping or hand delivering.  Additional fees apply.

Will the puppies stay black?


  No, the puppies gradually turn reddish brown with black on their backs, tails and black areas on their faces.  Click here for a photo progression. These are true Red and Black West German Seigers. Our males and female all carry on their rich red and blacks onto their puppies.

What do I need for my new puppy?


  We highly recommend our good friends at ~ they have an informative dog training website, with over 750 FREE streaming videos, web board, free eBooks and podcasts. 

Click here for recomendations to get you started with your new Seelenvoll Puppy.

Are the puppies raised in your home?


Yes, every single puppy is born in our house in special rooms designed for whelping puppies and for puppy nurseries. They play in our living areas and learn about homelife and socializing. They also start naturally imprinting at birth as they are exposed to busy environments.

How do I start to train my puppy?


      There are many different ways to train your puppy or dog. We will give you some information as to how we train our own dogs and young dogs in training, but the choice of method is up to you. We have found that puppy owners have success when using training sites with videos, such as Training Positive 's Tab Shamsi. He has many videos on different tricks and obediance commands that even we ourselves use.

What do you recommend for dogfood?


 We recommend  Inukshuk Professional Dogfood  from Corey Nutrition in Canada. We start all of our puppies on their 26/16 and continue feeding Inukshuk throughout all stages of development. If you are unable to buy this food, you can slowly transition your dog onto any high-quality food. We recommend that you read up on dog foods at

How do I house train a new puppy or older dog?


   We all want success in puppy potty training! There are may different ways to aprouch house training. A few of our favorites are Leerburg's method and  Training Positive's method. 



Can I buy two litter mates at the same time?


  We do not offer litter mates for sale to the same household.

  Click here to read an article from Leerburg explaining why. Dogs are pack animals, and in raising two littermates together, they will be more apt to look to the other dog instead of their human for instructions.

When will my puppy's ears stand straight?


        German Shepherd Puppies go through silly stages where their ears flop around. It's part of being a puppy! They may stand up one day, and then be down the next. They may even have one up and one down at times. While their little bodies are focusing all of their energy on growing bigger and stronger, the ears are not top priority. For instance, larger males tend to take longer because there is so much body to grow!


       If you notice your older puppy's ear drooping, don't fret. When puppies start loosing their baby teeth and growing adult ones, their body once again has to direct it's growth spurt to a different area.


I get first pick, when do I pick out my puppy?


        Becasue all of our litters seem to sell out before the puppies' 8th week of age, we schedule the puppy picks based on who has had their deposit in first.

        If you are first on the waiting list, you have the option of first pick of the available puppies. If you are unable to come out to select your puppy by the 6th weekend, then please make your selection based on the photos, videos, and descriptions that we shared online OR forfeit your first pick option. 

*We, as the Breeder, always reserve the right to first pick of any litters that we produce.

When is the final payment for puppy expected?


     Full payment for the purchase of the puppy is expected by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old unless other arrangements have already been made. We accept credit cards through Paypal, personal checks that have cleared before puppy pick up time, cash or bank checks. Please contact us at for an invoice for your particular puppy purchase details.


When does my new puppy need to visit her first puppy appointment with our vet?


It is important to take your puppy to your vet for it's "puppy well check" as soon as your puppy is in your home. Our contract requires that your new puppy visit your vet within 3 days of leaving Seelenvoll German Shepherds. We recommend making the appointment a few weeks before you have your puppy so that your vet clinic can fit you in at the correct developmental age and also make sure that your puppy has arrived healthy. During that first visit, your puppy will need the second set of vaccinations, deworming, micro chipping and a thorough check over to make sure there are no genetic or health issues. We recommend a Pet Insurance Plan as well.

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