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van de Mauritshoek

V (Excellence), SG44 (BSZS)

        We are so excited to have the opportunity to introduce this amazing girl who we are honored to accept into our home - Tesla! This amazing girl has done amazing things in her show career - including going to THE German Sieger show (Bundessieger Zuchtshau) in 2021. She has been lovingly raised by an amazing breeder in the Netherlands, and will come to join us in late 2023.


        Tesla comes from lines that we know and love, but also brings in some amazing outside bloodlines to our breeding program. She is the daughter of VA Warrior von Media, one of the best sons of VA Asap vom Aldamar.  She is also a grand-daughter of VA Fight vom Holtkämper Hof, the amazing VA Groovy di Casa Massarelli, the renouned VA Tino Godalis, as well as two household names in the breeding world, VA Vegas du Haut Mansard and V Geronimo vom Team Panoniansee.


Show Record

March 21st, 2023        ...    Clubmatch de Randstad          ...  V3 (Excellence title)

September 2nd, 2021  ...    Bundessieger-Zuchtschau       ...  SG 44 (out of over 100 females)

August 21st, 2021       ...    JLG-Zuchtschau (LG 06)       ...  VP4

July 3rd, 2021             ...     Nachwuchsschau (LG 08)     ...  VV1 (Very Promising Puppy #1)

Breed Survey:


"Grote middelkrachtige, typvolle teef met goede kleur en pigment, fraai hoofd, goede verhoudingen. Goede schoft, vaste rug, goede kroupe, voor en achter goed gehoekt. Staat en gaat voor en achter correct. Ruime vlotte gangen met goede af- en doorzet. Drift, Zelfverzekerdheid, Belastbaarheid uitgesproken."


"Large, medium-powered, type-filled bitch with good color and pigment, beautiful head, good proportions. Good withers, firm back, good croup, well angulated front and rear. Stands and goes correctly fore and aft. Spacious smooth corridors with good take-off and throughput. Drift, Confidence, Resilience pronounced."


More info on this amazing girl to come soon!

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