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See more photos of videos of Petra on her Media Page HERE!

      Petra is the kind of dog who makes friends wherever she goes. During our hikes with the public, she can always be seen schmoozing with the guests and is usually a fan favorite. She is charming and has an uncanny way of making us laugh when we are around her. She especially loves when it snows - she will bury her head into it and then get the zoomies!

      An import from Europe, Petra greatly resembles her grandsire, VA Illiano vom Fichtenschlag. She has an open, lighter face with a triangular structure and expressiveness. She is a small to medium-sized female with a medium build - without the narrow ribcage that many showline shepherds have. Her topline is a lovely, gradual line and she is not overexaggerated in her angulation - a fantastic feature that we are happy to keep in our breeding program. Despite her compact look, she has an effortless stride, and she can trot alongside us for hours while biking or horseback riding.

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Petra's Health Certificates
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