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Trained Puppies

Trained Seelenvoll German Shepherd Puppies are...
  • Familiarized with house training.

  • Raised with children and a busy family in our home.

  • Introduced to crate training in a positive way, first with a buddy sibling, then each pup on their own. 

  • Trained to respond positively to leash and collar and follow handler.

  • Introduced to positive reward system using high value food rewards.

  • Taught to respect their handler on and off leash.

  • Taken on trust and confidence building daily hikes in the Maine forest alone with handler or in a small pack atmosphere.

  • Brought on adventures along the Maine Coast.

  • Encouraged to develop their natural instinct and drive.

  • Taught to sit, stay, down, off and come with positive reinforcement and repetition.

  • Exposed to car rides and being handled in public.

  • Introduced to common obstacles such as stairs and different flooring changes.

  • Socialized with other common household pets and various breeds of dogs at our doggy daycare setting.

  • Taught to respect fencing and be in a contained environment confidently.

  • Raised with children and a large family with constant guidance and handling in every aspect of a puppy's early development.

             We believe that it is crucial to develop a puppy's natural instincts through training and daily exposure to life's happenings. Every moment is a training opportunity with your puppy or dog. When a puppy stays back for training, they are exposed to many different things and taught to respect the household. For new pet owners or owners that work away from home, this is a good situation. A puppy that is trained and taken on walks daily is a puppy set up for success. By creating that success and sense of confidence in the puppy, we are creating a success story for the future. 

             We are only able to keep a few puppies back a year for this training program, so if you are interested in us holding back a puppy, contact us soon!

The Seelenvoll Training Program

- Begins at 8 weeks of age - 3 week minimum - $180 a week or $35 a day -

Level I - 8 to 12 weeks

  • 8 and 10 week vaccinations (Parvo/Distemper)

  • Crate Training begins

  • Basic Callback, knows their name

  • Obedience: Sit/Down starts

  • House Training begins

Level II - 12 to 14 weeks

  • Continued vaccinations

  • Complete house training by 14 weeks

  • Part of the Pack Socialization

  • Walks comfortably on leash

  • House Manners Training continues

  • Car Rides

  • Comfortable in a fenced in enclosure.

Level III- 14 to 18 weeks

  • Continued vaccination

  • Strong Recall

  • Comfortable with dogs of other breeds

  • All of the Above


Here are some videos of puppies and dogs that have been trained by us in our home.

Brown Boy from Hanna x Lyon's 2014 litter. (5:23)

White Girl, "Lilly", meeting and greeting at the local hardware store. (0:30)

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