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We are currently sold out of our puppy litters until January of 2017.

We will start accepting deposits on litters after January 2017 or when there are puppies available. You are welcome to fill out our Puppy Waiting List Form for our 2017 litters.

Starting at $2500 with a 4 year health guarantee.

Genetic Clearances



OFA Elbow



OFA CAER (Heart)

Multi-Drug Resistance

Canine Scott Syndrome

Ocular Disorders

Blood Disorders




  Left DI: .23 Right DI: .26

Hips are tighter than over 90% of the animals in this breed.


Normal, no changes

N/N Clear (Tested 3x OFA, DDC, Genoscoper)

Normal, no evidence of congenital cardiac disease

Normal, Free of observable inherited eye disease

Clear N/N

Clear N/N

Clear N/N

Clear N/N

Clear N/N

Clear N/N

Clear N/N

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Litter Size

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Available Puppies

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Date Available



Coming Soon!

"Echo" - Pending

    Birthday: May 22nd, 2022              Price: $5500.00 USD
        Sometimes as a breeder you have an amazing dog, with an amazingly sweet disposition, beautiful mentality, but it just doesn't work out. Echo is a wonderful girl who we are proud to call a third generation Seelenvoll Dog. Unfortunatly with third generation comes a tougher number that we are looking to reach with our PennHip program, and Echo's hips are perfectly normal, with no issues noted... just not quite good enough to be a third generation breeding female in our PennHip program.

        That being said - Echo is an amazing girl who has been raised in our home and sleeps on our bed. She is a wonderful house dog and is crate trained. She has been raised on our hikes here on our farm, so is used to meeting people and dogs from every walk of life. She is quiet, calm, and mindful, but will follow her person on any all-day adventure.

She is up to date on her vaccinations including rabies, and will come with a spay agreement. We are asking $5500 for this amazing girl.


Sale Pending

Phoenix is a breathtaking, athletic female who will be two years old on October 5th, 2020. She is a third generation Seelenvoll girl, who has an amazing PennHip score and is not at risk of developing Degenerative Myelopathy. She has stunning red and black coloring, and strong, harmonious conformation. She is an incredibly beautiful female with that "wow factor" that we strive to produce.

She is respectful on leash, and a wonderful house dog. She knows basic obedience commands, travels well in cars and is 100% house/crate trained. She has been raised with cats and many different breeds of dogs that come to our boarding and daycare facility.

She is not an overly gregarious girl with new people, but once she is part of your family she will do anything for you. She is a female with true protection instinct that she will use if you are in a sticky situation. She has only ever lived here with us, and it will take her a few weeks to completely acclimate to her new home. She will bark to let you know if there are visitors at your door or on your property. While she does well in our pack setting as a more alpha female, she has a dominant personality, and will do best in a home with a male companion. She has not been around a lot of children.

She is spayed and up to date on Rabies, Parvo/Distemper, and age-appropriate deworming. Phoenix had an infection in her uterus during her first heat, which lead us to the hard decision spay her. That is the only reason that she has become available. 

You can see many photos and videos of her on facebook page. You can also see photos of her from birth on her page on our website.

We really love this girl, and are excited to meet the new family that will give her the perfect home that she deserves.

We are asking $4500.00 for this wonderful girl. She can go to her new home anytime after March 1st, 2020 once she is healed from her spay.

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