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          Maria is a coming 4 year old female, born February 14th, 2020,  who is an outstanding family shepherd. We are looking for a "Guardian Home" for her in Maine. A Guardian home is a family who Maria would live with in between having litters here with us, so it is important for the family to not be far for her travel.

         This girl was Jen's personal shadow since she was a puppy, however we have found that her alpha female personality can clash with other personalities in a large group of dogs like what we have here. That being said, Maria MUST go to a home as the only dog, or a home that has a large breed male that doesn't mind a strong personality.

         Maria is a house mouse and a quiet, calm and easy going dog to be around. She is very devoted to her person, and is the kind of dog who could sit in the back of the car on long roadtrips and love it. As long as she is with her person she is happy! She is very obedient, well trained, very friendly and dependable with family, guests and public outings. She is also good with cats.

         If you would like to learn more about taking Maria on as a "Guardian Home", please contact us!



VA2 (USA) Fight

vom Holtkämper Hof

IPO3, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1), DM A



VA8 Peik vom Holtk_edited.jpg

3x VA Peik

vom Holtkämper Hof

SCHH3, IPO3, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1)


VA4, 2XVA1(IRE) Ilbo vom

VA Ilbo vom Holtkamper See

SCHH3, IPO3, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A2)

V Roma vom Holtk.jpg

V Roma vom Holtkämper See

IPO1, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1)

V Nala vom Holtkämper Hof

SCHH3, KKL1, HD (A1)

V Eddy vom Holtkämper See

SCHH2, KKL1, HD (A2), 

V Wari vom Holtk.jpg


V Liselotte vom Holtk.jpg


vom Holtkämper Hof

SCHH3, HD (A1), ED (A1)

Anacapri vom Seelenvoll.jpg

Anacapri vom Seelenvoll

PennHip: .40 , .49 , Elbows: Normal,

DM: Clear, Heart/Eyes: Normal



VA Pepe vom Leithawald IPO3_edited.jpg

VA Pepe vom Leithawald

IPO3, KKL1, HD (A2), ED (A1)


Omen Radhaus.png

VA Omen vom Radhaus

IPO3, SCHH3, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1)

V(LGZS) Rieke vom Leithawald IPO3.jpg

V Rieke vom Leithawald

IPO3, HD (A1), ED (A1)

V Capry vom Haus Christa

IPO1, HD (A1), ED (A1)

V Capry vom Haus Christa IPO1.jpg


-Ramina vom Haus Christa IPO.I._edited.j

SG Ramina vom Haus Christa

IPO1, HD (A2), ED (A1)

V Ever vom Roten Feld

SCHH3, IPO3, KKL1, HD (A2), ED (A1)

SG36 BSZS 2011, V1 Ever vom Roten Feld S
Mac - Pending

          Mac is a son of Vermeer and Toscana. He was born May 24th, 2020, and is ready to find an active forever home. Since his return here we have found Mac to be an incredibly sweet male who loves with his whole heart! He is very athletic, easily hopping the little 4 foot fence out front to join us on a hike. He has gotten along wonderfully with all of our females here - from the alpha girls to the young playful ones. He can be a little bit of a bully with other males, which is typical. 

         We would like to see Mac in a home with a strong family who can handle a large male shepherd, and as either the only dog or an older female. He is very well trained and listens well to us. 


         Mac is up to date on his vaccinations and is ready for his new home! He is DM Clear by Parentage, and ready to be someone's best friend!

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