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Letters to Seelenvoll

When you purchase a Seelenvoll Shepherd, you become part of the Seelenvoll family!

We love hearing from our pups after they go to their new families. If you have a Seelenvoll Shepherd, feel free to share anything about them - their favorite things to do, their cute habits, or just how they are doing. 

Everyone loves to see pictures of puppies and dogs, so photos are encouraged!

Please send us your puppy's story and pictures at !

Sofi (Lyon x Diva)

Sofi (aka Pink Girl) from Lyon/Diva is doing well.  Yes, she is quite the ham, you are right.  Here are some pics of her in her new home.  When I sit on couch, she comes over and lays in front of fireplace.  She is so beautiful and adorable, I get fabulous comments from people when they see her.  Thanks again, she is so awesome.  Here are some pics I thought you would like to see.

Kona (Lyon x Delilah)

My 1st Birthday is coming up in March & just wanted to say hi & let you know how beautiful & happy I am.

Ellen & Steve take great care of me.

I run a lot & make a regular appearance at DOGGY DAYCARE to see all my friends.

I hope you and my mom & dad are all doing well.




Mookie (Lyon x Delilah)

Honestly, between his looks and his personality/temperament, he stops the show everywhere I take him. And, I take him everywhere I go. He makes friends with any dog that comes to play. He is absolutely perfect!

Oh, and by the way, he is about 85 lbs. and fit as a fiddle. He is super friendly and the life of the party. He tries to include every dog in the play and he likes to play at whatever level the other dogs are comfortable with. I can’t say enough about my bud Mookerelli.

He is 110% confident, which makes it easy to introduce him to a new group of dogs. He never shows an aggressive reaction, but always stands his ground. It’s really quite impressive. It is not uncommon for other male dogs to show an insecure reaction in response to his confidence. Yet, he just stands his ground with a tilted-head look that says ‘What’s your deal, dude?’. Haha!

Kila (Lyon x Diva)

Hi Folks!


Thought I’d send you a quick update on Kila! She is doing great, growing up so fast. Already up to about 30 lbs. She’s having some great adventures on snowshoe hikes in our woods just about every day, yesterday with three neighbor dogs. She’s super smart and already has a repertoire of tricks that she likes to show off. She also loves to go for walks on her leash, which she is getting very good at. She has a very playful and assertive personality! Incredible nose too. She was at the vets last week to get her next round of immunizations and exam and she is doing great. I attached a photo from this morning. 


Hope you are all well there!

Harley (Lyon x Tizi)

Miss Harley!

  We are enjoying Harley so much. 

She is such a sweet dog, crazy at times, very smart.

She just finished getting her Canine Good Citizen certificate.

She has done very well in all her training and everyone loves her. 

  She loves everyone she meets and gets along great with all other dogs.

  She does the funniest things! She loves playing hide in seek.

She does summers salts when playing with her toys. 

  Just want to say thank you for such a wonderful dog, and she has brought so much joy into our home.

We love her so much.

Kaya (Oudeis x Ena)

Just thought I’d share a few pictures of this beautiful dog you are responsible for.

Thanks for everything.  I hope they capture how pretty she really is.

Brutus (Lyon x Nellie)

Brutus is the most amazing GSD we have ever seen, and everyone who meets him thinks so.  He is now 6mo old and near perfect in all training for therapy dog. The only reason he can’t test is his age. 

 We had friends over, and the house was crazy! Our puppy is so stable and well behaved and now everyone wants one. Does not get phased by crazy kids running and yelling just amazing.

We better get on the list for a 2nd before we get shut out. 

Kila (Lyon x Diva)

Kila arrived with Frank and she acted like she'd lived here forever. Played and played in the snow and then inside for toys. Right now she's passed out in her crate.

She has a little gallop when she runs like her mom, Diva! Thank you for our beautiful Kila.

Red (Lyon x Nellie)

Good Morning Jennifer, Tony & Katie,

     I owe you three the biggest apology, I am so sorry I didn't give you an update on "Red" sooner.  Yes we ended up naming him Red, one the red ribbon did stay on for a few days, and he just responded really well to Red, so it stuck.  Well sorry to say we are keeping this wonderful dog.  Great job you three.

     Where to start...moved right in, got our schedules down pat, loves his crate, travels great, outgoing, not afraid of anything (maybe the dark), makes everyone that meets him laugh, smart OMG so smart, I could go on and on but you already know what a great dog he is.   

     I as I tell people it is never a good time to get a puppy.  Tom and I thought we had everything worked out, but those curve balls life throws you, hit us hard this fall.  Red just went along with the flow almost understanding now wasn't a good time.  He has been well socialized with people, all kinds of people.  Other than the farm animals around us, we have just started socializing him with other dogs.  And he just loves people, happy to say hi to everyone he meets, has manners, very well behaved.  I did start training with him already, and he has responded very well.  He is keeping the two of busy, I have lost 10lbs since getting him.  Told him I want to lose another 5lbs by Thanksgiving.  I know he is up to it.


 I can't thank you enough, and again sorry for the delayed email, but Red is doing great, he is the "Best One", and we just love him.  I will send pictures next time, one ear still not up, but he is working on it.  Have a good one, and talk to you soon.

Chloe (Lyon x Tizi)

Chloe is doing awesome. Weighed in at 51.4 lbs today. She's getting to be a big girl and is beautiful. Took advantage of today and went to the Farmers Market and later the waterfront in Bangor. Finished the day with an ice cream for Chloe. She was wonderful today. Calm and nothing bothered her. Thank you so much for our beautiful girl. Would like to get down and see her sisters and have you see Chloe this month.

Leyna (Lyon x Ena)

Can't wait for you to see Leyna. She's 42 pounds of solid muscle, and she walks with the distinctive Lyon prance. She's amazingly smart, confident, curious, fearless, friendly, and so beautiful.

If we can just survive her puppy energy, we will have the most perfect dog ever. I taught her "down" and she decided she needed to rear back like a show pony and kick up both feet before lowering herself. Now she does it every time. It's too funny!

Kimber (Lyon x Tizi)

Hey Seelenvoll family! -Kimber

PS: we’re so in love with this dog. This is her, following our morning walk, watching me do laundry. She doesn’t leave my side when I’m home. She’s got the best temperament, ever!

Kaiya (Amor x Ena)

Hi Jennifer and Tony,

First, we want to thank you so much for such a wonderful experience with purchasing our puppy.  We were so impressed with the care and love you put into all your beautiful German Shepherds and inviting us into your home to show us the whole  process.  We couldn't have asked for a better experience!


We appreciate the time you spent with us to answer any questions and tell us about the background of our new puppy "Kaiya".  Already we can tell she is going to be an amazing addition to our family and we are so pleased how you raise all these dogs to be true family companions with wonderful temperaments.  We were very impressed with your website, the beautiful pictures that you take and share with owners from birth through the day we picked her up, and your quick response to emails.  All of you do an amazing job with these dogs!

Kaiya is doing great!  In the four days since we got her, she's adapted well to the crate and goes out once during the night.  She follows her big brother, Jackson, around and does everything he does.  It truly is fun to watch them!  She's doing very well with her potty training and has learned to go to the edge of the woods instead of in the middle of the yard.  When she's done, she sits and waits for her treat.  As much as we have tried to carry her up and down the stairs, she has followed her brother all the way up a set of stairs and has no problem going up and down the 2 steps from the deck to the backyard.  She does very well off-leash and follows at our heels.  She's not fond of the leash yet, but we are working on that.  She's learning "sit", "down" and "come" and is starting to get the hang of it. She's going to be a quick learner, especially with Jackson showing her the ropes.

Yesterday we took both dogs for their vet visits.  The vet said she looks great!  And she ended up sleeping most of the time we were there, even on the counter while we were paying for our visits.  It was adorable!

Jackson loves her and they always want to play and wrestle.  He steals her toys and she chases him and lets him know those are her toys.  It is so funny to watch them together.  She definitely doesn't back down from him. She's going to be a tough little cookie!  

We have attached a few pictures from this week.  She loved the snow and had a great time playing in it.  She also loves to chase her big brother around the yard, and also follows him under our bed.  They are having a blast together!

Thanks again for everything!  We will keep you posted on Kaiya's progress.

Mark & Karen 

Bronson (Aleutian x Nellie)

Hi guys! Wanted to share these with you, a testament to the excellent demeanor your dogs have.

We had some family over and the kids loved playing with Bronson, they even followed him into his crate and wanted to be shut in! Too funny!!

Lilly (Aleutian x Nellie)

I just wanted to let you know that Lilly is doing very well adjusting to her new home! She is such a wonderful dog in every way, and everyone's been complimenting on her beautiful colors and temperament.


She just had her first vet appointment yesterday and is 100% healthy. Also, we have our first puppy training class this Saturday morning. She's a very fast learner has already learned sit, stay, lay down, and release!


She really is the perfect dog, and I'd love to get her a friend in the next year or so, so please keep me posted if you're expecting more pups next Spring.


In the meantime, I'll be sure to send pictures and updates every now and then.

Bronson (Aleutian x Nellie)

Hi Jennifer & Tony


Hard to believe our boy is 5 months old already! Wanted to share some pictures with you and updates as Bronson is getting even more of a personality and developing new interests. As you can see he’s such a handsome boy, we get TONS of compliments on him wherever we go – both on his good looks and personality.


He’s just about lost all of his teeth now. Teething is going fine, a little bleeding but he’s not chewing on anything he shouldn’t be and doesn’t seem to be in pain as his adult teeth come in. He’s starting to turn a little lighter in his face, his chest has really turned into a nice tan color, and his legs are getting this beautiful red coloring.


Bronson’s favorite thing is hanging out with our malinois, Kya. They just adore each other, and he’s so into her that he whines if we separate them! When he gets a burst of energy, he will start wrestling with her and they just roll around and play until he’s too tired again. He’s very relaxed, loves to snooze all throughout the day. When he’s not playing with Kya or taking a nap, he likes his chew toys. Then he’ll chew chew chew until he falls asleep! He’s very good with sharing his toys too which is very pleasing.


Training has been a breeze with him. He’s very loyal and has great attention. Since day one we taught him to sit and wait for his meals, then when we say “OK” he can eat. No issues with eating around other dogs, people. He’s so silly – whether he’s eating or drinking water he lays down in front of the bowl! He knows sit, down, stay, shake, come, hold, place, off, wait… I’m sure there are more. Bronson is also great around the house, he doesn’t get into anything (I think having Kya to learn from has really helped this) and we can even leave him out of the crate for short trips to the store for 1-2 hours.


Other than that he just loves other dogs and people and kids. He's a big cuddler! Any time someone is sitting or laying on the floor he's right up against them cuddling. He has a girlfriend who lives next door, she’s a newfoundland and just a few weeks younger than he is. Those two have a great time together, but we’ll have to watch since we don’t want puppies!


He’s such a great pup, we can’t wait to watch him grow and develop even more. And this week he’s even heading back up to his home state. I’m taking him to visit our friends in Portland again for a long weekend. I’m sure it’s a long shot but if you happen to be in the Portland area Fri-Sun let me know!


Hope all is well with you guys, I really enjoy seeing the newest puppies grow up too.

Sawyer Grace (Lyon x Delilah)

Jennifer, Tony and Katie~


Thought you would like an update on Sawyer Grace  She is 90% good and 10% lunatic.  We were at the vets last Monday and our little girl is 27 pounds and growing fast.   Her ears went up last week -- too cute for words.  Everyone comments on her beauty and her sweet disposition.   The second picture is her under the boxwoods.  She is a digger (YIKES...we have NEVER had a digger).  She digs and then plops her body in the hole and looks at you with a gotcha look.  The photo says it all! 

Hope you had a great holiday!  Sawyer, (Delilah & Lyon Dec 2015 litter), continues to thrive.  We went through training and she is about to receive her Service Dog status. We were on vacation this week in Bay Head, NJ and Sawyer went on her first boat ride.  As you can see by the pictures, she got her sea legs quickly!  Sawyer swims everyday, loves to play fetch with her sticks! and is loving life!  She continues to be the Ambassador of Goodwill at the office.  I thought you would enjoy seeing out 18 month old in action.

She discovered the pool cover.  No matter how many no's we yelled, she just kept going.  The pool cover dipped just enough in the pool water to make it appear that Sawyer was "walking on water".  I was terrified that she was going to go through the cover.  The louder I yelled, the more she played. The little devil was in doggie paradise running and playing in the water.  We both think she will be a swimmer, but we will be investing in something to keep her away from the pool cover. 


This weekend we went to the beach and saw the ocean for the first time.  Our girl loves adventure.  She has a fear of nothing and LOVES people.  Then we came home and walked 6 miles of horse trails. She was non-reactive to 3 big horses with riders and has a crush on a 5 year old Golden Retriever.


We start puppy kindergarten tonight.  I had to go alone last week, because we all know obedience school is for the parents!  Should be very fun.  We already know sit, down, no and good girl, and are working on stay -- we have it if there are no other more exciting distractions.   


We cannot thank you enough for our true bundle of joy. 

-Sawyer Grace's Family

Lilly (Lyon x Hanna)

More important than her beautiful face to me is her friendliness. Everyone remarks about her lack of aggression. And I am delighted to be able to take her anywhere and not fear her being dog or people aggressive.


We went to manners class today and Lilly was a hit. Trainer said Lilly was the best shepherd she has seen in over ten years! Beautiful to look at and sweet disposition. And smart as a whip.

We stayed after class for her to "play" with a yellow lab pup and then a chocolate pup came and joined the fun. Lilly was beat at the end of that. Came home and slept 4 hours! Presently she is chasing her tail and full of energy. We have just taken a walk, but the long nap recharged all batteries and she is full of it.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for my beautiful girl.

Sophia-Ann (Lyon x Delilah)

We're so proud of her. She's an awesome dog and very protective of the family.

She follows the kids where ever they go lol....

The boys were in the tub and she was so nervous for them she tried to jump in and save them!

Finn (Lyon x Delilah)

Hi Jennifer and Family,

Just wanted to send you a newer picture of our gorgeous boy Finn. He is AWESOME!!!!! We just LOVE him so much. He is so big 70 lbs now and growing so much. He is so sweet with our girls, like their gentle protector. He is such a wonderful addition to my family and we are all so happy he is in our lives 

He is very calm, mild mannered and a fun doggie. Loves to go for car rides and walks. What dog doesn't?!!! 

Finn is just awesome. Everyone still comments on how beautiful and calm he is. And he is just such a sweet lap dog 😜 . He is my big baby and we just love him so much.

I have been looking in your Facebook page a lot. I cannot believe all these puppies you have been having!!!!! That is so awesome and must be keeping you so busy. All of them are just beautiful. Keep it up!!! ;)

Hope you all are enjoying the first real signs of spring now. Take care!!


Sahara (Falcon x Hanna)

Goodmorning Gentlepersons,


I hope my old homestead is doing well and everyone is in good health. I am writing to remind you that it was my 3rd birthday yesterday. I am so Beautiful; I had my shots last week, which I did not like, but endured. Most notable, I weigh 83 pounds. Such a glorious visage am I.


I am the Princess of my neighborhood and every other dog friend I have bows down to my royal self. (They all just love me...especially their owners, they feed me good treats and I just sit politely waiting for them. I am helping those poor people to train their dogs in patience. Amazing isn't it?)


I love to run and play. My family loves it when I wake them up at 4am because it is time to be awake then. They sometimes grumble a little, but my love and my personality are so infectious, by the time they have had a cup of coffee they are raring to go with me. I am wonderful.


I am so happy with Donna, Gwen and Roy. Thank you so much for sending me here. Donna, Gwen and Roy will be taking me to the beach soon. I love my family; They are all mine...ALL MINE! I am their one and only forever Dog.


I am attaching two recent photos of me...I hope you like them.


Love and Regards,




P.S.   They call me their "Sahairey Beast" and I like it.

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