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        Tiramisu is an imported black showline female from Poland. She is an incredibly sweet, uncomplicated girl who wants to be a part of our day-to-day activities. She is very calm and collected in the house, and on the trail she is still considered a medium drive dog, but will keep up with the pack with no issue. Some of her favorite things are riding in the car and sleeping on the couch!


        There is one litter that really brought the beauty of the black showline shepherds to light - the "Y" litter from kennel Margman, which her father "Yes" is from. A few European breeders sought to take the best working traits from both the workingline Shepherds and the beauty of the showline shepherds. This let them reach out and expand their bloodlines. Over the past 30 years, this marriage of workingline and showline shepherds has produced a beautifully balanced shepherd. Tira is the perfect example of that - displaying the temperament and elegance of a Showline Sieger, and the added structure and color from her workingline ancestry.

Tira weighs in at 70 lbs and is considered a medium-sized female of longer body structure.

Genetic Clearances



Foreign (SV) Hips




OFA Cardiac (Heart)

Excellent -  Right DI: 0.28 / Left DI: 0.26

SV: a1-normal /  OFA: Normal

N/N CLEAR (A - Gensol)

0 - normal through the German SV

Normal, Free of observable inherited eye disease

Normal, no evidence of congenital cardiac disease

a1- normal through the German SV

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