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     Tizi di casa Palomba- Imported from Italy, Tizi is a young and promising breeding female. She comes from top European lines known for their beauty, structure, and health. She is compact, yet very elegant with incredible pigment and a dark feminine head. Her sire is the VA titled Enosch von Amasis. She is the grand-daughter of  VA1 Ober von Bad-Boll and VA2 Quenn vom Löher Weg

Tizi has the perfect temperament with her calm approach, very pleasing attitude, and good drive. She is very friendly and loving, with a playful nature. She carries with her the poise and likeness to her great grandfather, the great Ghandi von Arlett
We are very excited about her future as an ideal producer and companion.

To read more about Tizi, click here to visit her page!

vom Seelenvoll

         Kenai is the son of our Lyon de Tierras Charras He is the grandson of two amazing dogs, VA Paer v. Hasenborn and VA Enosch v. Amasis

Kenai lives locally, and is loved by his family.  Kenai shows his father's charisma and playful personality, combined with his mother-father's thick bone structure and dark pigment.

PennHip              OFA                        DM   

     Left: .33               Elbows: Normal               N/N Clear

    Right: .38                                                         (DDC)

To read more about Kenai, click here to visit his page!

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