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Seelenvoll German Shepherd Puppies start at $4500.

* We sell companion dogs only. Seelenvoll Puppies DO NOT go to new homes with BREEDING RIGHTS *

We reserve the right to first pick from every litter born here in our home.

Purchasing a Seelenvoll Puppy

Research the Breed

       So, you've decided to purchase a purebred German Shepherd Puppy. What an exciting decision! The very first step that we recommend is researching the breed. German Shepherds are not for everyone, as they are a breed that needs dedicated exercise time every day and training to help make them into the dog that we all know they can be. It is up to you to make sure that you are able to provide this time, as well as the time to properly socialize them with others.

Find the Right Breeder

       Every Breeder has a different process and philosophy when it comes to their breeding program. This does not make one breeder wrong or right, but helps you to decide if this is the right breeder for you and your family. You can read about what we think is important while looking for a breeder on our blog post here.


       If you've decided that we are the right breeder for you, then welcome aboard!

An important thing to mention is that we are a small breeder who thoroughly test and breed our dogs selectively. This means that we do not breed to fill the demand of our waiting list. We are breeding with the intention of either keeping a pup for possible evaluation into our program, or to watch them grow and consider keeping one from the next pairing. Sometimes the girls all cycle together, and we will have 2 litters at once, and then 4 - 6 months without another litter.

Fill out our Puppy Application Form

       Our puppies only go to families who have filled our Puppy Application Form. The more in-depth that you are, with all of the questions answered, the more likely we are to feel a connection with you and want you to have one of our puppies. This does not mean that you are obligated to buy a puppy from us, this will put you on our email list that we send out when there are available puppies. There is often 25 - 40 families who are on this list, but not all are looking to get a pup right away, or even this year.

 *Please Note: It can take up to a week for us to respond to the newly filled out applications. If it has been more than 7 days, please contact us to make sure that it went through.*

Puppy Waiting List image.jpg
Keep an Eye on our "Future Litters" Page.

       On our Future Litters page we post a breeding announcement after we have bred the two dogs. Please know that mother nature is what it is, so not all females become pregnant. We do like to post a photo of the expecting parents and their pregnancy confirmation (either ultrasound or xray) with the article. If there is a particular pairing that you like there, let us know. Most litters have the first few puppies spoken for within a few days of us posting them. We do accept limited deposits after a confirmed pregnancy, with the understanding that if there is not a puppy in that litter for you, your deposit is good for 5 years*

*We reserve the right to send back a deposit if we feel that it is not the right fit.*

Mark down the next Open House date on your calendar.

       We are family operated, and run four businesses out of our home. This means that our weekends are either already booked or are designated relax times with our doggie family. Due to an overwhelming amount of people interested in meeting us and our dogs, we ask that you try to hold off on asking to visit until our next planned Open House. We try to schedule 4 different Open Houses in a year. During our Open Houses we let you meet all of our dogs, see where they are born and raised, and go for a walk in our private forest sanctuary with our German Shepherd pack.

You must be on our waiting list to get an invitation to our RSVP Open Houses.

       In the future we plan to host an experience through AirBnb that lets you join us for a pack walk/hike in the forest with a group of our German Shepherds and enjoy our beautiful trail system that we are proud to walk and maintain daily.

Review the Contract and Health Guarantee

       Before putting down a deposit, we ask that you look over our Contract and Puppy Health Guarantee, which is on a PDF document below. This is what you will be signing before your puppy goes home.​ Our Contract does change a little every year, as we learn and add more clearances and assurances to puppy owners.

Click here to view or print the 

4 Year Health Guarantee on our Puppy Contract.

Putting Down a Deposit

       When you have been pre-approved through our Puppy Application Form, we will accept your deposit for a Seelenvoll Puppy when there is a puppy available. Please make sure to read this whole page before doing so.

  • Puppy Reservations are taken in order of dates that deposits are put down.

  • The Deposit of $500.00 USD is NON-refundable. However, it is transferable to another litter or available dog.

  • Your deposit is good for 5 years, starting on the date we receive it.

  • *We reserve the right to send back a deposit if we feel that it is not the right fit.

  • Deposits can be made through Paypal (credit card accepted), or personal check payable to: Jennifer White.

        Please contact us for our mailing address or click the Paypal button below.

  • **The Breeder always reserves the right to first pick puppy of all litters.

  • Putting down a deposit will NOT lock you into the original price.  As we do more to genetically screen our German Shepherds for health clearances, our puppy price will raise.

  • Final payment for your puppy will be due when they are 6 weeks old!

We require 3.5% U.S. and 4.34% for non U.S. of the amount sent to cover fees charged by Paypal. Thanks!

We are currently not accepting deposits before puppies are born.
Thank you for your understanding!

Your Puppy is Born!

       This is a very busy time, so please don't be offended if we are not answering messages or keeping the website updated with a puppy count. Please give us a good 48 hours or more to catch up on our sleep and give our undivided attention to the new mother and her puppies. There are times when we do not post photos of the pups, or even announce their births until they are over a week old. This is because life can get in the way! We may be busy with mom and her pups, or we are keeping a close eye on them. There are occasionally puppies born later in the birthing process that start out weaker than their siblings. If this happens, we will be spending more time with this puppy and setting them up to thrive.

       When we do settle in, we will start going down the deposit list and lining up puppy picks. It is okay to pass on the current litter if you are not ready yet- there will be others in the future that you can have the opportunity to speak for. Please know that if you are first on the waiting list, you have the option of pick of the available puppies (after our pick). If you are unable to come out to select your puppy on the 6th week-end, then please make your selection based on the photos, videos, and descriptions that we shared online. If you are unable to do so, we will move you to last pick as there are other families waiting anxiously to pick after you.

Watching your Puppy Grow!

       Now the long wait and excitement begins! As you start to prepare your home for your new family member (setting up a designated area for them and puppy-proofing especially), we are spending time imprinting and socializing your pup. Due to our strict biosecurity, we do not allow in home visits from people/families that we do not know personally. We accept scheduled puppy visitors when the puppies are age 6 weeks and older.

       As the puppies grow, we try to take weekly portraits of them with their identifying ribbons so that you can watch them grow. Sometimes we are a bit late, or are busy with life, so are unable to get to the photos right away, but we do try! All photos are posted to our facebook page, so please be sure to look there for new photos. If you do not have a facebook page, we ask that you create one so that you can view the photos. We do not have the time or the internet capacity to upload many photos through email.


       By the time the puppies are 6 weeks old, their immune system is such that they can handle outside contact with others. We schedule visits according to when deposits are received. While you are here, you have the chance to meet the mother and father of the litter, and see where they have grown up. The only acception to this is if we have used an outside sire. If this is the case, we will share as many personal photos and videos of him as we can.

       We let puppy families choose their own puppies, but are there every step of the way letting you know what we know about each individual puppy. We don't normally do any sort of standardized temperament testing because we are around the puppies so much, and are able to see everything about them in a more natural environment.

       All Puppies go to our vet for a checkup at around 6 1/2 weeks. While there they get a thorough look-over by our vet - heart, lungs, eyes, ears, etc. are checked to make sure that everyone is sound and healthy! They then receive their first set of vaccinations (distemper, adenovirus-2, parainfluenza and parvovirus) and another deworming. We have a deworming schedule that our vet helped us create, so puppies have been dewormed for prevention of parasites and worms according to this schedule. We also either have the puppy microchipped at our vet, or send them home with the microchips that are attached to their registration.

       We own a state licensed dog boarding and daycare facility, so after the puppies have had their first vaccinations they start to see more of the world! They are able to meet and socialize safely with dogs of all different shapes, sizes, and color. They have also been imprinted on by our house cats since birth.

       We like to send out a big email titled "Puppy Operating Instructions", which will help you know what we recommend getting your puppy. This includes information like: Puppy Proofing/containment, Feeding/Water, Socialization/ Training, Potty Training, Vaccinations/Deworming, Flea/Tick Preventatives, Biting/Teething, Stairs, and other things that we feel are important to know when getting a new puppy!

  • By the day that they turn 6 weeks old, the full payment of the purchase price for your puppy is due.

  • All Personal checks must clear our bank before the puppy leaves our home.

  • All Maine Residents pay an additional tax of 5.5% of the purchase price.

Picking out your puppy during COVID Times.

       As mentioned above, we like to start our puppy picks around 5 - 6 weeks of age. ​In 2021, all puppy picks will be done through video chat (Facetime, Zoom, Skype, etc.) as we are not allowing anyone into our home during such uncertain times. If this does not work for you, you are welcome to wait until after we feel that it is safe for visitors. We must put the safety of our family and our dogs first. Thank you for understanding!

       Puppy picks go in order of deposits, so I will start to set up video calls for around the 5 1/2 week mark for picking out your puppy. During the call I will tell you what I have noticed about the personality and look of each of the puppies that you have a pick between. We will help you through your decision as to which puppy you will be taking home at 8 weeks.

Pickup or Portsmouth Meet & Greet

       The long wait is over! Now that your home is ready for the new addition, you are ready to make the trip to get your pup. If you want to save driving time, we usually make a trip to Portsmouth, NH on the weekend after they turn 8 weeks. This is a good chance to cut out 7 hours of driving, and meet other future puppy owners. We do charge an extra $100.00 for this service to cover our trip and time.

       We love to see photos and updates throughout the puppy's growth and life. We like to check in to see how everyone is doing every six months to a year.

Join our Private Seelenvoll Owners Facebook Group!

       This group is where people can share photos, videos, and experiences with other Seelenvoll puppy owners. In an attempt to keep it small, we only allow people who have a puppy, or future owners who will be getting a puppy from our current litter. We love seeing everyone connect and brag about their pup!

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