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        Phoenix is the daughter of Navarra vom Seelenvoll and V Oudeis Degli Achei. She is our first Lyon granddaughter, and a third generation Seelenoll and PennHip certified female. Self-assured from the get-go, this girl is like a tomboyish teen. As she has gotten older she has become a stunningly built dog, and we are excited to see how she turns out when fully mature. She is a gregarious girl who loves to be a part of the crowd. Be it a pack of shepherds or a group of daycare dogs, she leads the play. In the house she is chill and she loves sleeping on a bed at night, but is also content to snooze elsewhere or in her crate.

Genetic Clearances




Carrier- Will not produce an "At Risk" puppy when bred with a Clear male.

Coming Soon


Coming Soon!

L: .30, R: .31

No Radiographic evidence of OA for either hip.

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