Mito is an exciting male and top producer in Italy. He is a top show quality dog, having received over 8 SG (Sehr/Very Good) titles in 3 different countries, and over 8 V ratings of Excellence from 4 different countries. He has been graded under top Bundesseiger Zuchtshau judges from Germany such as Frank Goldlust of Kennel Frankengold, Lothar Quoll, and Wolfgang Tauber.

           Mito is of medium to large size with a correct topline and croup. His chest is impressive in size with correct shoulder angulation that leads into an elegant neck. His bones are strong, and his color is unusually rich in pigment with dark blacks. He is a well balanced dog with a wonderful temperament.


           Many of Mito's progeny have gone on to do well overseas. We are proud to be the first breeder to offer Mito puppies in the USA.

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Unzo Van Noort


Markus von Magisterdamm


 Negus vom Holtkämper See


Zamp vom Thermodos

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Mito's Show Record

September 18th, 2015 ...    Campionato Sociale S.A.S. 2015 (Italy)                      ...     V 

April 19th, 2015          ...    S.A.S Raduni Nazionali - Faito (Italy)                          ...     V 

April 12th, 2015          ...    S.A.S Raduni Nazionali - Cesena (Italy)                       ...     V 

March 15th, 2015        ...    Manifestazioni - S.A.S Raduni Nazionali (Italy)           ...     V 


August 17th, 2014       ...    Landesgruppen-Zuchtschau Thüringen (Germany)       ...     V 

August 15th, 2014       ...    Bundessieger-Zuchtschau (Austria)                             ...     V 
August 3th, 2014         ...    Landesgruppen-Zuchtschau (Germany)                         ...     

July 6th, 2014              ...    S.A.S Raduni Nazionali Regione Sicilia (Italy)             ...     V


November 17th, 2013  ...    S.A.S Raduni Nazionali Terni (Italy)                             ...     SG

October 27th, 2013      ...    S.A.S Raduni Nazionali Salerno (Italy)                         ...     SG

August 30th, 2013       ...    Bundessieger-Zuchtschau SV 2013 (GERMANY)     ...     SG

August 18th, 2013       ...    S.A.S Raduni Nazionali - Bergamo (Italy)                     ...     SG

August 9th, 2013         ...    Bundessieger-Zuchtschau 2013 (Austria)                       ...     SG

 May 12th, 2013          ...    S.A.S Raduni Nazionali - Lamezia Terme (Italy)           ...     SG

April 25th, 2013          ...    S.A.S Raduni Nazionali - Sinuessa  (Italy)                     ...     SG

Mito's Breed Survey

March 10th, 2012 - IPO1 - kkl - V 


" Grande, molto tipico, molto buona l'ossatura la muscolatura ed i colori, molto buona la linea superiore con groppa di giusta lunghezza ma sfuggente, garrese ben rilevato, linea inferiore corretta, angolature posteriori ed anteriori molto buone. Movimento corretto, molto buona la spinta e l'allungo. "


" Great, very typical, very good the skeleton muscles and the colors, very good top line with the rump of the right length, but elusive, well detected withers, correct bottom line, rear and front angles very good. correct movement, very good thrust and lunge. "

Height at the Withers: 65 cm/ 25.5 inch
Weight: 37 kg/ 81.5 lbs

Mito's Progeny