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         Marlo turns heads wherever he goes.  He is an import from Russia with correct size, strong bone structure, and exceptional pigment. He has a sweet, loving disposition, and yet still possesses a protective instinct. We lovingly nicknamed him our "starfish man", as he likes to approach us in such a goofy way with his front legs flying out playfully. That exaggerated movement that he expressed in the show ring is only natural to him, and he loves to show it!

        Marlo's sire is German VA1 Marlo v. Baccara, a son of World-Vice Sieger VA Roy Terrae Lupiae. His motherline boasts amazing World Champions such as VA Kronos von Nürburgring, VA Zamp v. Thermados and VA Enosch v. Amasis.


           His stunning presence and steady nature have led to Marlo earning his SG title in the SV show ring multiple times. With the body and show type of his father, and the beautifully expressive expression from his grand-father Kronos, Marlo represents a complete package and a very promising producer.

Genetic Clearances


SV Hip

OFA Elbow



OFA CAER (Heart)

Multi-Drug Resistance

Canine Scott Syndrome

Ocular Disorders

Blood Disorders




  Left DI: .31 Right DI: .49

Preliminary Good

N/N Clear (GenSol, Optimal Selection)

Normal, no evidence of congenital cardiac disease

Normal, Free of observable inherited eye disease

Clear N/N

Clear N/N

Clear N/N

Clear N/N

Clear N/N

Clear N/N

Clear N/N

Report Above

Coming Soon!

Normal, no changes @ 4 years of age

Report Above

Report Above

Report Above

Report Above

Report Above


3x VA Marlo von Baccara

IPO3, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1), DM A



VA2 V12 Roy Terrae Lupiae

SCHH3, KKL1, HD (A2), ED (A1)


V Zlatko von Arminius SCHH2.jpg

V Zlatko von Arminius

SCHH2, KKL1, HD (A2), ED (A1)

V Remi del Rione Antico SCHH1.jpg

V Remi del Rione Antico

SCHH1, KKL1, HD (A2), ED (A1)

V Amanda am Seeteich

SCHH2, KKL1, HD (A3), ED (A1)

V Joker vom Eichenplatz

SCHH3, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1)

V Joker vom Eichenplatz SCHH3.jpg
V Amanda am Seeteich SCHH2.jpg


VA4 Yakimo vom Feuermelder IPO3.jpg

VA4 Yakimo vom Feuermelder

IPO3, KKL3, HD (A1), ED (A1)

Boney M Super Agent.jpg

SG Boney M Super Agent

IPO1, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A2)




VA Kronos von Nürburgring

IPO3, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1)


VA Enosch von Amasis SCHH3.jpg

VA Enosch von Amasis

IPO3, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1)

SG Brendha do Mhuramel IPO1.jpg

SG Brendha do Mhuramel

IPO1, KKL, HD (A1), ED (A1)

Zyganka s Logoiskogo Trakta

IPO1, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1)

VA2 Hill vom Welsetal

IPO1, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1)

VA2 (BY) Hill vom Welsetal IPO1.jpg
Zyganka s Logoiskogo Trakta IPO-1.jpg


Paris Hillton s Logoiskogo Trakta.jpg

Paris Hillton s Logoiskogo Trakta

IPO2, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1)

Show Record

October 1st, 2017          ...    Quinebaug Conformation Show, CT     ...  SG1

September 10th, 2017    ...    Schaferhund Schutzhund Club, NY      ...  SG2 

April 20th, 2017             ...    USCA Sieger Show 2017, GA              ...  SG3

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