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        Kharma is a brilliantly colored female with an outgoing personality. She is well known here for her curly tail! She joined us at a year old, and she instantly fit in like she had been born here. Kharma is inquisitive- constantly tilting her head from one side to the other, and loves to be in the thick of the action during play times. In the house she has that "off switch" that we love. She will lay around, cuddle in bed or on the couch, and loves to be around us. She quickly became an integral part of our doggie daycare, as she is social with dogs of all shape and size.

        This girl comes from an amazing import litter by the crowd-favorite 2x VA1 (Germany) Remo v. Fichtenschlag son, Madrid von Simpor. He was sold to China at a young age, making his progeny highly sought after. Kharma was the pick of her litter, but unfortunately when she was born her mother wasn't careful and broke her tail. This means that it has a pronounced curl to it that would have set her back in the show ring. We were more than happy to bring her home with us, and are in love with how striking her puppies have been. She is the mother to one of our girls, Vienna, and we look forward to keeping more daughters in the future.

Genetic Clearances


OFA Elbow



OFA Cardiac (Heart)

Normal, Free of observable inherited eye disease

Normal, no evidence of congenital cardiac disease

L: .35, R: .35

No Radiographic evidence of OA for either hip.

OFA: Normal

Carrier- Will not produce an "At Risk" puppy when bred with a Clear male.


Kharma vom Hismerh

SG9 JKL BSZS 2015 Madrid von Simpor IPO2

SG Madrid von Simpor

IPO2, KKl1,

Hips: A1, Elbows: A1



VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag SCHH3, IPO3.j

VA1 Remo von Fichtenschlag

IPO3, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A2)


V Ray vom Fichtenschlag SCHH3.jpg

V Ray vom Fichtenschlag

SCHH3, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1)

V Thora vom Fichtenschlag SCHH3.jpg

V Thora vom Fichtenschlag

SCHH2, KKL, HD (A1), ED (A1)

V Selma Feetback

SCHH1, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1)

SG Selma Feetback IPO1.jpg


V Kuba Feetback IPO1.jpg

Kuba Feetback

IPO1, HD (A1), ED (A1)

2x VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard

SCHH3, IPO3, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A2)

2X VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard SCHH3.jpg
Ungana de la Nacio Catalana.jpg

Ungana de la Nacio Catalana

HD (A21), ED (A1)



V Gin vom Frankengold IPO2.jpg

V Gin vom Frankengold

SCHH3, IPO3, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1)


V19 BSZS 2009 Bruno von Vierhundert Hert

V Bruno von Vierhundert Hertz

SCHH3, IPO3, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A2)

V1, SG13 BSZS 2007 Darling vom Frankengo

V Darling vom Frankengold

IPO1, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1)

V Page vom Butjenter Land

IPO2, KKL1, HD (A2), ED (A1)

VA1 Paer vom Hasenborn

IPO3, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1)

Paer Hasenborn.jpg
Page vom Butjenter Land SchH1.jpg


Finni di Casa Massarelli.jpg

Finni di Casa Massarelli

IPO3, HD (A1), ED (A2)

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