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        Hanka is a medium-bodied female with fantastic expression and rich, dark pigment. We met her as a young puppy and fell in love with her beautiful movement and sweet personality. When given the opportunity to introduce her into our pack, we jumped on it. 

        This girl loves car rides (even if it is just to town and back), playing puzzles and scent games for treats, and spending cold evenings next to the woodstove with a stuffed animal. She is a goofy girl, and loves to please her person. In a group of dogs she is not submissive, but not a rabble rouser- she is happy to have fun and explore the property.

        Her lineage is impressive, starting with her father, VA Lotus vom Platanshof, and her many famous grandfathers, Landos vom Quartier Latin, VA Hugo Radhaus, VA Kronos von NürburgringVA Memphis vom Solebrunnen, and VA Furbo Degli Achei.


Genetic Clearances


OFA Elbow



OFA Cardiac (Heart)


Normal, Free of observable inherited eye disease

Normal, no evidence of congenital cardiac disease

Left DI: .48  , Right DI: .53 (Average for Breed)

"B" - Will not produce an "At Risk" puppy when bred with a "clear" male.

Show Record

                   October  2019          ...    USCA Sieger Show     ...   SG (Very Good)

                   October  2018          ...    USCA Sieger Show     ...   VP (Very Promising)


Hanka vom Hismerh

VA1 MAK SIEGER 2017,VA2 SRB 2017 Lotus v

VA Lotus vom Platanshof

Hip/Elbow: SV A1/A1




V Landos vom Quartier Latin SCHH2.jpg

V Landos vom Quartier Latin

SCHH2, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1)


VA9 2X VA1(CN) Furbo degli Achei (2006)

VA Furbo Degli Achei

SCHH3, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1)

VA7 Ussi von Pallas Athene SCHH2.jpg

VA Ussi von Pallas Athene

SCHH2, HD (A2), ED (A1)

V Mania vom Radhaus

IPO1, HD (A1), ED (A1)

Mania vom Radhaus IPO1.jpg


V Solla vom Platanshof IPO1.jpg

Solla vom Platanshof

IPO1, HD (A1), ED (A1)

Opium vom Radhaus

IPO2, KKL1, HD (A1)

Opium vom Radhaus IPO2.jpg
Jacumba vom Fanino.jpg

V Jacumba vom Fanino

IPO1, KKL1, HD (A2), ED (A1), DM Clear



VA1 (KW), V22 BSZS 2016 Hugo vom Radhaus

VA Hugo Radhaus

IPO2, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A2)



VA Kronos von Nürburgring

IPO3, KKL1, HD (A1), ED (A1)

Amy vom Radhaus IPO1_edited.jpg

SG Amy vom Radhaus

IPO1, KKL, HD (A1), ED (A1)

V Una Topolovnicka

IPO1, KKL, HD (A2), ED (A1)

VA Memphis vom Solebrunnen

IPO3, KKL, HD (A1), ED (A2)

VA10 BSZS 2015,  VA3 Austria 2015 Memphi
SG Una Topolovnicka IPO1.jpg


Stila Topolovnicka IPO1 BH.jpg

Stila Topolovnicka

IPO1, BH, HD (A1), ED (A1)

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