Vom Hismerh



        Cadence is a ball of fun energy. In the house she loves to snuggle, and when she is out with us she loves to interact and play! She has beautiful, effortless movement with a harmonious structure in a small, compact body type. She has a straighter topline and an exceptionally strong hind end. This girl has stunningly deep red pigment and an open, friendly face that is always smiling.

        Cadence is considered high energy with medium drive. She is the kind of loyal hardy companion that could keep up on all-day hikes without much effort on her part. Watching her trot around is a true joy. In a group setting she is lower on the pecking order, and enjoys playing one-on-one. We love including her in our daycare pack at our boarding facility, as she is an uncomplicated, reliable addition to any group.


        Her ancestry is impressive, with amazing dogs such as VA1(ITA) Groovy di Casa Massarelli , VA Goran vom Bierstadter Hof, 4xVA Memphis vom Solebrunnen, 5x VA Vegas du Haut Mansard, and 4x VA Saabat von Aurelius.


Genetic Clearances


OFA Elbow


OFA Cardiac

OFA Eyes

N/N Clear By Testing

Good (Preliminary)

Right DI: 0.45, Left DI: 0.52

Normal, Free of observable inherited eye disease

Normal, no evidence of congenital cardiac disease

Normal (Preliminary)

PNG Cadence Pedigree.png