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vom Osterberger-Land

11 x V1 (Excellence), IGP2, KKL

Promo is the father to our imported litter with Telsa!

        We are thrilled to have the opportunity to breed to this amazing World Champion male. We first fell in love with him while in Germany at the 2016 Sieger Show in Nurnburg, and were so happy to see him dominate the show ring after coming to the USA. This incredible male was ranked VA2 at the USA Sieger 2017, V13 at the German Sieger show in 2015 & 2016 with countless V1 victories. Fight also holds working titles in IPO3 and Breed Survey KKL. It is rare to find a male of his character, strength, and overall balance in the show ring today. 

        As stunning as Fight is, his offspring have all of his standout traits and more! We witnessed this during the 2018 German Sieger show as his sons and daughters trotted their way to the winner's podium effortlessly. Our very favorite males in the winners circle that day were two of his sons, VA5 Henko vom Holtkämper Hof and V1 ASAP vom Aldamar.

        Now that his offspring are enjoying the success that he had in the show ring, he is enjoying his retirement home here in the USA. He even has his own instagram account ( @fight_holtkamperhof ) where you can see him live his life on a successful horse farm with his friends.

      Here is his Breed Survey by Sieger Show Judge Lothar Quoll at the 2016 German Sieger Show.

Medium-sized, full-bodied, strong, dry and firm, very good conformation, very good expression, very well pigmented, very good character. High, long withers, straight, firm back, good length and lay of the croup. Very well angulated, balanced chest proportions, straight front. Stepping straight, gaits that go flat over the ground with very powerful replenishment with very good grandeur. Secure nature, TSB pronounced. V. Very well built male with very good character, very good bone strength and very good movement. (Translated from German to English)

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